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Hi Tim,

On 06.02.2012 18:18, Tim Caswell wrote:
For those on the list who don't know me, I'm both the author of Luvit
( and work for Cloud9 (

Lua guy at - Just Great! ;-)

I try to not push Luvit too hard on this mailing list since it's
somewhat incompatible with stock lua, but I'll happly help with any
efforts in this area since it overlaps heavily with what I work on all

IMHO, the one of first steps (and common between nodejs/luvit, local/online versions) should be achieving of proper Lua language support in C9. It seems, the first variants for one to consider are Treehugger based (clientside) or Metalua based (serverside) ones.

Could you suggest some reading order over C9 language support related sources? What should be added, let say in Treehugger variant, for the Lua support? Does someone (in- or outside already works on 2nd language support?

Thank you and all the best for your efforts!