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On 2012-02-08 15:06, Wolfgang Pupp wrote:
2012/2/7 Adam Strzelecki <>:
For testing I am multiplying A = A * B, where A is initially identity matrix) and B is PI/2 rotation matrix. Every 4 iterations A should be back to identity, however when JIT kicks in then a11 mysteriously changes to 0 (ZERO) and remains 0, when I turn off JIT the result is just fine I got identity every 4 iterations.

I just ran this on my PC, and got a different (also wrong) result:
done in 1.247000 seconds
0	0	0	0
0	1	0	0
1	0	-1	0
0	0	0	1

I think you found a new testcase for Mike ;)

I suspect this may be related to an unsolved bug I had:

Maybe you should try with -O-fwd to confirm...

Pierre Chapuis