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On 04.02.2012 19:08, steve donovan wrote:
It would definitely be a 'try before you buy' option, but it still
seems limited in what it could be allowed to do, since the Lua would
run on the server?

Unfortunately, yes ... Multimedia, embedded development, non-web GUI development - significant part of Lua domain would be impossible or non-sense for remote testing/development ...

But otherwise, maybe there are potential "try and stay" user group (especially among users of some OSes ;-)).

What _would_ be interesting is to use the Cloud9 machinery in a
browser with a _local_ luvit/etc back-end. That's a good way to get a
cross-platform IDE.

+1. Actually, besides WebDAV and SocketIO providers, server side part of Cloud9 is the relatively small part of the code. IMO, also very well designed and readable [1] - "working prototype" level rewriting seems like a one week fun for experienced Lua hacker [after determining/compatibility ensuring of the two base providers of course, BTW, C9 uses directly libxml2 binding for their DAV implementation].

Really serious work will be the integration of language support ... (which is client side for JS, supported by customized uglifyjs parser and treehunger [2][3] module by Zef Hemmel - their language guy).

Thanks for the comments,