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Loren Kirkby wrote:
> I have recently begun experimenting with LuaJIT and ran into an
> issue with certain ranges of integer literals and the new LuaJIT
> bytecode system.

Thank you for the bug report! Fixed in LuaJIT git HEAD and part of
Hotfix #1 for beta9:

* Hotfix #1 for LuaJIT-2.0.0-beta9 has been released! *
* Available from:     *

> Any ideas what's happening here? Is something going wrong
> (de)serializing the literal in the bytecode? 

The serialization is wrong, i.e. the generated bytecode dump is

Please regenerate any saved bytecode from source code after
applying the fix! Note that only certain kinds of numbers are
troublesome, so there's a good chance most users haven't been