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On 03/02/12 12:51, Daurnimator wrote:
> On 2 February 2012 20:44, Tim Starling <
> <>> wrote:
>     The lack of attention to backwards compatibility is concerning. I can
>     understand the environment changes, but the deprecation of math.log10
>     and table.maxn just seems arbitrary.
>     Their removal from the reference manual is worse still -- people still
>     have to read and understand old code, so they need to be able to find
>     the documentation for all of the functions which are present. If you
>     want to discourage the use of a function, write in the manual "use of
>     this function is discouraged", don't just remove it.
> Those functions were deprecated in lua 5.1; and removed in 5.2
> (ie; you've had 6 years to remove their use from your code)
> If that isn't long enough for you; just stick with an old version.

It's not really deprecation if you don't change the source or the
manual, or tell anyone that they're deprecated by any other means.
Maybe "dislike" would be a better term ;)

-- Tim Starling