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Tony Finch <> writes:
> Miles Bader <> wrote:
>> [Hmm, that brings to mind another question:  How much of the input
>> string does it have to accumulate in memory?  Can it start discarding
>> earlier portions of it at some point?  If not, it wouldn't be so useful
>> for the use I have in mind: parsing really big files without needing to
>> have them entirely in memory.]
> lpeg doesn't bother trying to discard unneeded string prefixes. In theory
> it can only discard the prefix of a string that is not covered by any
> captures and which has no alternation backtracking points in it.

I suspect that in many cases, backtracking doesn't cover much of the
file, or the grammar can be arranged so that this is the case...

[I don't know how easy the implementation makes _detecting_ when parts
of the text are discardable though...]

As has been discussed elsewhere on this thread, the capture issue could
probably be sorted out, e.g. by lazy conversion of capture contents into
real Lua strings.


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