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On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 01:00, <> wrote:
> Typical telnet daemons are terminal centric, ie. the daemon responds to
> data "committed" by a user hitting  <Enter>.
> I want the daemon to handle this traditional line-by-line input,
> AND big but potentially syntactically incomplete blocks from eg. a pipe
> directed to a ptty.
> Is it possible to drive the Lua API so that a parse can be "put on ice"
> while waiting for the arrival of new data from the comms stack.
> ...
> Is there some "approved" way of detecting the "incomplete source" syntax
> error AND storing the mid-parse Lua state so that I can simply resume
> once more data arrives???

 You may want to have a look at how the standalone interpreter does it.

-- Pierre-Yves