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Textadept. "In a world where code bloat is commonplace and application
speed is second to its number of features, Textadept breaks that
trend, aiming to stay minimalist and fast, but at the same time being
ridiculously extensible. At its core lies less than 2000 lines of C
code, and that is how it always will be. While other editors rely on
numerous plugins for a wide range of functionality, recordable macros
to speed up workflow, and shell scripts to quickly transform text,
Textadept takes it to the extreme: it gives you complete control over
the entire application using the embedded Lua language. Lua is one of
the fastest scripting languages available and has a very small
footprint. In fact, most of Textadept is written in Lua. The
application's incredibly fast startup time and operation attest to
Lua's worthiness."

Best regards,