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On 30 January 2012 02:53, Elias Barrionovo <> wrote:
Another thing that sometimes bothers the mainstream is Lua's somewhat
'do it yourself' aproach to object oriented programming, which I
actually think is very cool.

That's actually a selling point for me because I don't use OOP as a Golden Hammer like so many people do.  OOP as often as not obfuscates code.  There's an art to knowing when OOP is good and when it isn't, and it's an art form most of the industry hasn't bothered to learn.

"Perhaps people don't believe this, but throughout all of the discussions of entering China our focus has really been what's best for the Chinese people. It's not been about our revenue or profit or whatnot."
--Sergey Brin, demonstrating the emptiness of the "don't be evil" mantra.