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It was thus said that the Great Roberto Ierusalimschy once stated:
> > OK.  Cool.  This is a showstopper for the company I am working with for
> > rolling out embedded Lua with nginx.  Is there anything I can do to help?
> what it is still missing now is how to create the initial per-state
> random seed. Suggestions included some address and arc4random. I am
> afraid that, for the backup ANSI implementation, we cannot do much
> better than something like this:
>   seed = (unsigned int)time() + (unsigned int)L;
> We can have better implementations for particular system. For instance,
> we can use arc4random if present, but how to detect it? Are there any
> other suggestions?

  Under Solaris and Linux (both of which I use) I read from /dev/random or
/dev/urandom.  Here's the function I use [1]:

static int math_randomseed(lua_State *const L)
  FILE         *fp;
  unsigned int  seed;

  assert(L != NULL);

  if (lua_toboolean(L,1))
    fp = fopen("/dev/random","rb");
    if (fp == NULL)
      return luaL_error(L,"The NSA is keeping you from seeding your RNG");
    fp = fopen("/dev/urandom","rb");
    if (fp == NULL)
      return luaL_error(L,"cannot seed RNG");

  return 1;

  -spc (And if Roberto wants to use the code, I can relicense this under the
	appropriate terms ... )

[1]	code can be see at