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Hi Sam,

language bindings, like
for java, do implement semver by providing useful tools to enforce
rules, integrate into maven, pull version out of a jar file, etc.

I believe that naming things correctly is important (and difficult!). That lib name seems misleading to me (no offense). It does more than what its name implies. Also, it does more than one thing. I would have splitted it into several smaller libs: semver (for implementing semver and semver alone), jardiff (for making the jar comparisons), maven_semver_enforcer (for the maven stuff), etc. With dependencies between them when appropiate.

Please feel free to fork the lib and adapt it if you feel it should be different. I will not feel insulted. Consider giving your fork a different name, though - as mentioned before, I recommend "luaversion". If no one implements it, I might give it a shot in a month or so.