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> From: [] On Behalf Of Enrique Garcia Cota

> Sent: maandag 16 januari 2012 10:55


> I was looking for a way to handle semantic versions as specified in


> I could not find a lib that did that, so I created my own - It's available at


Great! Recently there was a discussion on semantics of versioning, and semver has seen some quick adoption, would be great if it could be adopted here and help form the actual standard.


A few remarks;

- your file lists version 1.0, and is hence not semver compliant, 1.0.0 would be.

- there is no way to get the version of your code programmatically (you can’t use it on itself to compare semver.lua code versions)

- it would be nice to add some utility functions to compare lua modules (based on a module table containing a _VERSION value)


Thx for the code, I will definitely be using this!