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Hello Everyone,
I am using Lua programming to make a script that helps in converting my data-file directly into database tables'.
My data -file contains many contents that needs different tables and also need the interlinking among tables. I want to do all this using Lua programming script.
Can anyone suggest me how to start and how can I proceed further. Does Lua handle this?
Here is the file that I need to convert.
problem description
title="3d Beam Sample Problem (Logan ex. 6.8, p.248)" nodes=4 elements=3

1 x=0   y=0      constraint=fixed
2 x=0   y=120    constraint=free    force=side_sway
3 x=120 y=120 			    force=twist
4 x=120 y=0      constraint=fixed

beam elements
1 nodes=[1,2] material=column
2 nodes=[2,3] material=beam 
3 nodes=[3,4] material=column

material properties
column e=30e6 ix=200 a=10
beam e=30e6 ix=100 a=10

side_sway fx=10000
twist mz=5000

fixed tx=c ty=c rz=c
free tx=u ty=u rz=u


Thank You.
Sandeep Ghai