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On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 3:29 PM, Martin Linklater <> wrote:
> Thanks Sam. I've done a bit more googling and found this:
> Which sounds like the problem you're describing.
> So my next steps are to compile my own 32 bit version on luac and make sure
> it's built with the same luaconf.h as my runtime...

Also, if your goal is speed, its probably not worth it, lua source is
compiled when its loaded already, and compilation is fast, so you're
removing a step that is not likely a bottleneck.

If your goal is obfuscation, you might consider whether its worth it,
its already reasonably hard to pull lua code off a iphone, and the
code minus your runtime probably ain't worth much.

Also, if you want obfuscation, you can just encrypt or compress or
whatever your code, and use with your own