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*Ophal 0.1-alpha7* is ready for your feedback!

Download here!

## Theming improvements
- Support for lua template tags: '<?lua' and '?>'
- Function aliases: print_t for print(theme(...)) and print_f for print(str:format(s, ...))
- Display template error messages in the frontend
- Theme function calls made easy: theme{'img', 'path/to/image.jpg'}
- Implementation of functions: parse_attributes()

## The future
- Added HTML5 to the TODO list
- 2012 Mission and Roadmap update

## Contributions are welcome!
- Code:
- Logo and mockups for
- Modules
- Themes (a plus!)
- Documentation
- Feedback: what would you like to see in the next alpha release of Ophal? would you like to help?


Fernando Paredes García,
+51 1 9 8991 7871, Calle Santa Catalina Ancha #377, Cusco - Perú

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