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LuaJSON Version 1.3 was just released.
Changed in this release: * A global 'nothrow' option was added to
change the behavior of parsingto not throw, but return `nil, error`. *
Error messages were enhanced for many cases to include betterdetails
as to why the parsing may have failed.Some examples follow:
For `[1i]`       unexpected character @ character: 3 0:3 [i] line:
  [1iFor `{x:1`       Unclosed elements present
 * Perhaps the largest and most important change in the release...
Theparser was unrolled so that LPeg was placed more into a lexer
rolerather than full-blown parser. This solves the problem of LPeg
runninginto problems in my parser due to unclosed choices at a
smallperformance cost.
Btw, a trick I found for github that I cannot seem documentation for...
You can transform the HTTPS download
==> to HTTP ==>
to avoid SSL - which makes for convenient LuaRocks usage w/o
SSLsupport.  Basically  change https -> http and add a "cloud." in
A link to the new rockspecs (since they would be too big to go through):
Thomas Harning Jr.