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I've would like to know if Lua is vulnerably to this hash collision that was presented at CCC yesterday.

Slashdot articel

The presentation on youtube:

And the information about this:


Hash tables are a commonly used data structure in most programming
languages. Web application servers or platforms commonly parse
attacker-controlled POST form data into hash tables automatically, so
that they can be accessed by application developers.

If the language does not provide a randomized hash function or the
application server does not recognize attacks using multi-collisions, an
attacker can degenerate the hash table by sending lots of colliding
keys. The algorithmic complexity of inserting n elements into the table
then goes to O(n**2), making it possible to exhaust hours of CPU time
using a single HTTP request.

They did mention that Lua could be vulnerably to this kind of an attack at the end of the presentation, so I would like to know if it is or not.