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Thanks, I completely overlooked this!!

But being able running the test does not seem to solve all problems. I carefully removed all other versions from my path, but test.lua gives the following error:

/usr/local/bin/lua: ./test.lua:24: assertion failed!
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'assert'
	./test.lua:24: in function 'checkeq'
	./test.lua:27: in function 'checkeq'
	./test.lua:26: in function 'checkeq'
	./test.lua:26: in function 'checkeq'
	./test.lua:1099: in main chunk
	[C]: in ?
The 1099 line is the check on tables.

I added statements for printing at the error:
local function checkeq (x, y, p)
local p = true
print ("type(x)",type(x),"type(y)",type(y))
if p then print(x,y) end

and the result is:
type(x)	string	type(y)	nil
and then the same error of course.

Hans van der Meer

On 28 dec. 2011, at 15:25, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

> test.lua begins with 
> 	#!/usr/bin/env lua5.1
> and so wants to be run with lua5.1.