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On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 2:10 PM, Meer, H. van der <> wrote:
> I have installed Lua 5.2.0 and updated my programs and C-libraries succesfully, moving all relevant materials to /5.2-directories. But when installing lpeg-0.10.2 "make test" persistently fails with the following message:
> 113 lpeg-0.10.2: make test
> test.lua
> env: lua5.1: No such file or directory
> make: *** [test] Error 127
> I checked the lpeg/re files for 5.1 but could not find the string 5.1 other than in re.lua where
> if version == "Lua 5.1" then = re end
> scarcely could be the culprit.
> Neither has my .bashrc this as an ENV parameter.
> Working on a Macintosh I had activated these lines:
> # For Mac OS
> DLLFLAGS = -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup
> Any idea why test.lua fails?
> Hans van der Meer

It's likely that the first line of test.lua (or whatever is running
it) is calling #! /usr/bin/env/lua5.1. You'd want to change that to
reflect the actual executable you'd like to run it with.

- Jim