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Hello all,

I'd been searching the wiki and forums for information and tips about
modifying the Lua syntax to be more like JavaScript/C/AS3..
Please don't answer this with a list of reasons why this could be a
"wrong" idea, I'm only interested in the technical
difficulties this task implies. I'm not interested in in using
metalua, I'm planning to modify the C lexer and parser.directly.
The resulting language doesn't need to be Lua compatible, it could be
something different but using the Lua VM and C Lua API
(hopefully with minor modifications).

I found Bright:
but it was never made public, the talk stated changing Lua 4 syntax to
be more like C was "trivial"
However I think it's not that trivial considering the problems with
table definitions and default global scope that Lua has, consider:

I'm not a compiler specialist, so if someone has done or tried to do
this in the past, I would love to hear about it.
Just to clarify, I really love the simplicity of Lua and its C API
support, but the same way some people prefer blue over red,
I would prefer another variant of the language with the same philosophy behind.

Laurens R.