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> > Finally, the Lua 5.2 core depends less on the underlying C library.
> I'd be very grateful for more details, as this is fairly interesting
> for me at the moment. If that'd be not much trouble, could you or
> someone possibly detail which standard C functions aren't now used,
> versus 5.1.4? (or possibly the full list of those which are used.)

Lua 5.1:
__ctype_b_loc		memcmp			strcspn
__stack_chk_fail	memcpy			strlen
_setjmp			pow			strncat
abs			sprintf			strncpy
exit			strcat			strtod
floor			strchr			strtoul
localeconv		strcoll
longjmp			strcpy

Lua 5.2:
__stack_chk_fail	localeconv		strcmp
_setjmp			longjmp			strcoll
abort			memcmp			strlen
abs			memcpy			strpbrk
floor			pow			strtod
frexp			sprintf
ldexp			strchr

So, Lua 5.2 core does not depend on ctype, exit, strcat, strcpy, strcspn,
strncat, strncpy, strtoul but adds abort, frexp, ldexp, strcmp, strpbrk.