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On 20/12/2011 9.25, Axel Kittenberger wrote:
I work as a teacher now, and this school year I'm teaching basic C to
youngsters (age ~16). My current skills are more than enough to cope with
toy programs and exercises, but I'm taking the chance to improve my
knowledge of more advanced C programming techniques (but still
general-purpose), so any good corpus of code will do. Using Lua source for
the task has the added advantage of improving my knowledge of my favourite
language (which is not C ;-)

Dunno about the syllabus and its goal, but I today I would teach
javascript to youngsters, so they can put it immediatly to use and
show with some intelligently enriched websides. When I had coding
classes in the 90ies already felt like, guys why are we doing
stdin/stdout console stuff when the contemporary show is window GUIs?

Well, the choice was not mine, since there are guidelines I have to follow. But the school I teach in is a technical school and the course extends for three years and those guidelines mandates C and Assembly programming. In perspective, these youngsters should be able in three years to program microcontrollers (and the like) and data acquisition hardware. I doubt that javascript is a viable alternative in this field :-)

I'd insert Lua in their roadmap, if it were my choice, but I'm a substitute teacher, so I cannot plan ahead for more than the current school year, so I must play it safe.