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Hi all and Steve in particular!

I'm in the process of revamping my C skills and I'd like to study Lua sources as an example of very well-written code using the annotated source by Steve Donovan found at:

I'd appreciate any hint or suggestion on which learning path could be best to understand the inner workings of Lua (i.e. from which file to begin with, etc.). Moreover, any caveat against what I intend to do is also welcome.

On a related note: is the annotated code updated to the latest patch or is it the original 5.1.4 release with no patch applied?

To Steve:

1. are you going to update the code to the latest patch, if it is not already?

2. are you going to publish annotated code also for 5.2.0 now it is released?

3. it seems that there is a typo on

near the top beside print.c: shouldn't *dissembler* read *disassembler*?

4. On the same page there is no mention of the file llimits.h (apart from llimits.h:MAXSTACK in the index of annotations). Is this intentional or should it be included in one of the upper sections (e.g. the "Virtual Machine" one)?

TIA & Cheers!

-- Lorenzo