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Hi all!

In 5.2.0 rc7 refman the names of functions both in the C API sections and Lua libs sections show up exceptionally tiny on my browser. For example


is smaller than the surrounding text.

I'm no CSS guru, but with regard to the example above, examining the html source for the snippet

  <a name="pdf-getmetatable">
    <code>getmetatable (object)</code>

in Firefox using firebug extension I discovered a possible culprit: the CSS inheritance tree is different in 5.1.4 and 5.2.0. In particular, the <code> element in 5.2.0 is styled with a fixed font size of 12pt (inherited from manual.css, line 5), whereas in 5.1.4 it has no fixed size.

Maybe this is a problem of interaction with my browser's set-up, but IMHO the 5.1.4 behaviour is the right one since it doesn't impose artificial restrictions on user agent settings.

-- Lorenzo