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A place where everyone loves everyone, and everything is always
awesome, and where everyone is always having a blast.

Yup, sounds about right.

On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 2:07 PM, Stefan Reich <> wrote:
> Ok - I am officially endorsing a new mailing list now. It is:
> (Josh Simmons kindly set this up for me.)
> To subscribe, send an empty mail to just that address
> ( Archives are here:
> Anyone who wants to discuss anything Lua (whether it be on "newbie" or on
> "expert" level) in a positive, thoroughly creative atmosphere is very warmly
> invited to join Stefan's Lua List.
> (We may also create additional collaboration tools from over there, I have
> some cool ideas in that direction.)
> Specifically, I want my new list to fulfill a function that lua-l doesn't
> seem to: Creating new productive groups. Someone presents a new idea,
> someone else says "this is cool, I'll help you work on it" and boom - you
> have a new productive working group. (Things are easy to share in Lua world.
> This is Lua after all. Lua code is typically straight-forward and pretty
> easy to grasp and modify.)
> In short: This is how things work in a better world. Which is a world that
> we can actually create.
> Isn't that the human task? Making a better world?
> Come on. Let's do it. We can do it. I know we can. It is already happening.
> This is the Human Evolution and this period in time is indeed one of the
> biggest jumps yet. End the corruption. Establish clarity and peace. Many
> have predicted this - and now it is happening.
> So. Cheers and see you over on the new list if you prefer to spend your time
> creating instead of fighting pointlessly... :)
> -Stefan