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Ok - I am officially endorsing a new mailing list now. It is:

(Josh Simmons kindly set this up for me.)

To subscribe, send an empty mail to just that address ( Archives are here:

Anyone who wants to discuss anything Lua (whether it be on "newbie" or on "expert" level) in a positive, thoroughly creative atmosphere is very warmly invited to join Stefan's Lua List.

(We may also create additional collaboration tools from over there, I have some cool ideas in that direction.)

Specifically, I want my new list to fulfill a function that lua-l doesn't seem to: Creating new productive groups. Someone presents a new idea, someone else says "this is cool, I'll help you work on it" and boom - you have a new productive working group. (Things are easy to share in Lua world. This is Lua after all. Lua code is typically straight-forward and pretty easy to grasp and modify.)

In short: This is how things work in a better world. Which is a world that we can actually create.

Isn't that the human task? Making a better world?

Come on. Let's do it. We can do it. I know we can. It is already happening. This is the Human Evolution and this period in time is indeed one of the biggest jumps yet. End the corruption. Establish clarity and peace. Many have predicted this - and now it is happening.

So. Cheers and see you over on the new list if you prefer to spend your time creating instead of fighting pointlessly... :)