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On Friday 02, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> > 'mykey' could be changed to a string it doesn't have to be an 'int'.
> Note that I'm using the address of that int, not its value.
> This address is guaranteed to be unique to the module.
> For this reason, I think that
> static char *mykey=MY_MODULE_NAME;
> should be
> static char mykey[]={MY_MODULE_NAME};
> just in case the compiler removes duplicate copies of strings.
> Using an array guarantees a unique address even if the string is used
> elsewhere, even by a different module.

You are right.  Checking the binary the string is located in the read-only 
"" section, which means the compiler can merge duplicate strings.  
Changing it to an array of chars moves it to the read-write "data" section.

I though I was being safe by not using "static const char *".

Robert G. Jakabosky