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Thank you, I used this method in my project [1], and it really speep
up, now lbuffer module are faster than table.concat in my bench.lua
(in development, not in project).


2011/12/2 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <>:
> Lua 5.2 introduces lua_rawgetp and lua_rawsetp and this makes it simpler to
> use pointers instead of strings as udata types in the registry.
> The attached file extends the udata checking in lauxlib.c to use pointers.
> To test it, just #include "udata.c" in your C module. This file assumes
> that you only handle *one* type of udata per module.
> I did a quick test with my lrandom and I got a 15% speedup. I'd like to
> hear about the experience of others with this scheme.
> The main idea is applicable to 5.1 but you'll need to use lua_pushlightudata
> etc explicitly. See .