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All feedback welcome. Thanks.

I get the following compile error with OpenWatcom 1.9:

Open Watcom C16 Optimizing Compiler Version 1.9
Portions Copyright (c) 1984-2002 Sybase, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Source code is available under the Sybase Open Watcom Public License.
See for details.
../lua-5.2.0-rc3/src/lobject.c(36): Error! E1071: Type of parameter 1 does not agree with previous definition ../lua-5.2.0-rc3/src/lobject.c(36): Note! I2003: source conversion type is 'unsigned long ' ../lua-5.2.0-rc3/src/lobject.c(36): Note! I2004: target conversion type is 'unsigned int ' ../lua-5.2.0-rc3/src/lobject.c(36): Note! I2002: 'luaO_int2fb' defined in: ../lua-5.2.0-rc3/src/lobject.h(584) ../lua-5.2.0-rc3/src/lobject.c: 290 lines, included 11528, 0 warnings, 1 errors

Probably, because in lobject.c,
int luaO_int2fb (lu_int32 x) {
should be:
int luaO_int2fb (unsigned int x) {
so that it matches the declaration in lobject.h.

I still wonder about the signed/unsigned asymmetry, though.