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Hello Roberto!

Your fix resolves the low memory condition.

I would have tested on monday with a device with more memory, but of course it is
practical to have a test for the smaller devices too.

I had to comment out pm.lua and coroutine.lua, because with them lua.exe encounters
"a serious error and must shut down".

With files.lua I have to review several asserts.

- os.getenv()    - environment variables are not supported in Windows CE
- os.setlocale() - have to revisit my implementation
- os.rename() - guess: problem with the fact that Windows CE does not have the
                   notion of a current working directory

For everything else I get a running time of about five Minutes:

- - -
\> datetime & \psm\apps\lua.exe -e"_U=true" \psm\apps\lua\all.lua & datetime
2011-11-27 Sun 21:21:32 668
current path:
total time: 299.64

.>>> closing state <<<

2011-11-27 Sun 21:26:32

Please note, that I think that the remaining problems are caused by Windows CE and/or
bugs in my port.

Can you give me a hint, how to quickly narrow down the specific location where the respective problem arises in the test file and how to extract a small test case. But don't trouble yourself too much, I'll figure it out myself also with some time.

Best Regards,


On 11/26/11 15:32, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
After some minutes tests fail out of memory in "constructs.lua" six
lines after "testing short-circuit optimizations"
It is possible that 'constructs.lua' needs more than 23MB to run. It
builds all combinations of some basic constructs; that may be quite
Can you try the following fix in 'constructs.lua'?

<  for _, v in pairs(allcases(4)) do
-- do not do too many combinations for soft tests
local level = _soft and 3 or 4

for _, v in pairs(allcases(level)) do
-- Roberto