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On Thu, 2011-11-24 at 15:30 +0100, Michal Kolodziejczyk wrote:
> Great! Where the bugs can be reported?

Ouch, gitorious does not have any issue tracker, sigh...  For now,
please use my email, I'll consider moving to github before the next

> $ lua ~/samples_gtkhello.lua
> Lgi-Message: Lua to GObject-Introspection binding v0.2
> lua: /home/miko/samples_gtkhello.lua:44: attempt to compare number with nil
> I get this after clicking "About" icon. (Gtk._version is nil)
> archlinux, gobject-introspection 1.30.0, lua 5.1.4

Really strange, I cannot reproduce it here.  Can you please send me
(probably offlist) the output of following lines:

lua -e "lgi = require'lgi' for k,v in pairs(lgi.Gtk) do print(k,v) end"
lua -e "core = require'lgi.core''Gtk')

Thanks for the report,