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> My formula is: 1994,8+1,55^(Ir-6)+EXP(Ir/9,9)
> Where Ir is a continuos release counter (1.0 is 1, 1.1 is 2, 2.1 is 3,
> 2.2 is 4 etc)
> Dates is a number for years and fraction of years (0,5 is 30th June)
> Heres the plot:

Really nice extrapolation :-)

looking at the data sheet it seems that Lua 2.1 is missing because it
was released in feb 1995 while the only entry you report in 1995 is at
1995.9 which corresponds, I guess to Lua 2.2.

I don't want to be picky :-) I guess this kind of attention to data
details comes from a professional deformation...