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As one easily sees on Luas version number plot [ ], the time between releases grows
aprox. exponentially. I tried to fit it into a formular so we can
predict future Lua release dates.

My formula is: 1994,8+1,55^(Ir-6)+EXP(Ir/9,9)

Where Ir is a continuos release counter (1.0 is 1, 1.1 is 2, 2.1 is 3,
2.2 is 4 etc)
Dates is a number for years and fraction of years (0,5 is 30th June)
Heres the plot:

So Lua 5.2 is going to be released start of 2012!

(Depending on the tinkering the numbers this varies between 11,9 and
12,5, so give or take a few months)

The next release after that (5.3? 6.0? 6.1?) will be in 2020. The one
after that 2032. And if its going to happen, and Luiz&Roberto continue
to work into high age, 2050 will be the last one of the current author

I ignored the first 2 releases as it first runs linearly back then and
then has a serious knick, then it goes into the exponential/potential
curve. This fit is a compromise for the factors, depending on the fits
I tried either 5.2 should have happened in September this year
already, or 5.1 was half a year too early. This fit puts 5.2 still
into the future, and is only 3 months off for 5.1

- the new Lunar Diviner