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This is an announcement for the latest & greatest version of my OO
system for Lua: "eoo.lua", at:

Its core, in 5 lines of code, hasn't changed since the last release,
but now its documentation has fantastic box drawings,

and you are all
now urged to add great box drawings to your OO schemes too!

  Cheers =),
    Eduardo Ochs

P.S.: This list used to have a very high signal-to-noise ratio, and
used to be very friendly... I am not going to complain - but that's
just because complaining is not going to be useful right now. This
message is an attempt to throw a bone to the dogs to distract them a

P.P.S.: it my (obsolete?) opinion this list should be more receptive
to messages like this:
and less tolerant with whinings, complaints, and aggressive jokes.