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> They are. It's just that Lua releases are infrequent.
> We'll probably release Lua 5.1.5 after we release Lua 5.2 (real soon now (TM)).

Hmmm, I don't see the logic here but never mind.

I'm also among the Lua users that are not waiting for 5.2. It seems to
me that you break the compatibility, eliminate some useful things to
add some dubious minor improvements.

This is of course just my point of view but it seems that the
transition to Lua 5.2 costs a lot and the benefits are dubious or
non-existent at all. Probably the only interesting improvent is the
"yieldable pcall and metamethods".

Also the addition of the "goto" statement completely defeats my understanding.

I will personally not switch to Lua 5.2 as long as I can.

Please understand that I don't want to be polemic here I'm just
expressing my humble point of view about Lua 5.2.