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Benoit Germain <bnt.germain <at>> writes:

> Without changing Lanes, the solution is to have your C code invoked in
> the target lane so that the library is registered there, and to remove
> references to these functions in the lane body, by eliminating the
> upvalues that reference them.

I've made some progress.  I simply wrap the c_functions in lua_functions.

local my_c_function = package.preload["socket.core"]
package.preload["socket.core"] = function()
   return my_c_function()

local lanes_loader = package.preload["lua51_lanes"]
package.preload["socket.core"] = function()
   return lanes_loader()

Now I am getting another error: 
bad argument #-10003 to 'configure' (string expected, got number)

It is from lanes.c:2341 

LUAG_FUNC( configure )
    char const *name = luaL_checkstring( L, lua_upvalueindex( 1));
    int const nbKeepers = luaL_optint( L, 1, 1);

Where is upvalue 1 set?  Is this the upvalue I should be eliminating?


- Greg