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2011/11/17 Greg <>:
>> I the problem is that you go through C to load some native functions.
>> Because of this, Lanes doesn't have knowledge of them, therefore
>> cannot transfer them from one Lua state to another.
> I previously got older versions of lanes to work by doing this:
>    local p = package.preload["socket.core"]
>    local f = lanes.gen("*", function()
>        package.preload["socket.core"] = p
>        local socket = require("socket")
>    )
>    f()

Yes. It works with versions 2.x because it transfer function
references from one lua State to the other by extracting the C
function pointer from the source function, and creating a C closure in
the target state using this pointer. I no longer do this because:
1/ it is not LuaJIT-compatible.
2/ after all, the target state calls a function while not having fully
initialized the module/library the function come from, which is a bad

> Could there be an easy way to do something similar for "lua51-lanes"?

Unless I have done something wrong, lua51-lanes should be
automatically registered in all lane states, so you don't have to do