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2011/11/15 Mike Pall <>:
> Thank you for the bug report and the test case! Fixed in git HEAD.

That's great, thank you Mike.

Just a side question, I was wondering if LuaJIT2 has a test suite. I
have the feeling that it is a so complex project with so many
architecture specific code that a test suite would be of great

> No, don't worry -- these bug reports are very useful, please
> continue testing! But I'm not sure the mailing list is that much
> interested in the ones with larger test cases. So maybe send these
> directly to me by mail.

Ok, probably this was the last bug related to the GSL Shell demos but
we well keep you informed if we discover something else.

I've sent these email to the Lua mailing list intentionally not
because it is an interesting discussion but because I think that for
many people this is an useful information. Many are following LuaJIT2
very closely so I guess it is interesting for them to know about these
bugs and their fixes.

My idea was also that the fact the some bugs are uncovered only with
complex routines is also interesting by itself. It is also iteresting
to follow the process that is bringing LuaJIT2 to maturity since it is
such a remarkable and complex project.

For the other side if other people disagree I can stop to send LuaJIT
bug report to the Lua mailing list.

Best regards,