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> What are the toolset/libraries available in Lua to write the interpretter
> in Lua for a Domain Specific Language?

Can you try to write your DSL *in* Lua? Lua can surprise you with syntax
that does not look like ordinary Lua but in fact is. Could you give us
an example of what your DSL looks like?

> 1. Should I convert the language to Lua byte code convention before
> execution?

That is one path but if you're doing code generation, why not generate Lua
source code first until you get the design right? That said, you can try

> 2. The core framework will be written in Lua say for example print "hello"
> in the domain specific language calls a Lua print or similar function
> writing in Lua. I am not sure whether to map to lua function or should I
> generate Lua byte codes.

If your DSL is a simple command-line kind of language, try my lcl

If you need help with lcl, please ask me directly.