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Alpine Linux is planning to upgrade Lua to 5.2 and I wonder if there
are some recommendations how to do so.

Part of the problem is, how do we make sure existing #!/usr/bin/lua
scripts does not break? How can we prevent breakages in future?

Should distro provide /usr/bin/lua5.1 and /usr/bin/lua5.2? or should
distros aim for upgrade lua package and replace all lua modules in one

Should scripts use #!/usr/bin/lua5.1 or #!/usr/bin/lua5.2 instead of

What should /usr/bin/lua point to? Should it exist at all?

There are many ways to solve this and I do not really care how it is
solved, however, it would be nice that it would be somewhat consistent
among the distros and *bsd so that lua scripts written for one distro
can be expected to work on other. so some documented official
recommendations would be nice. (I'm not sure if windows matters here.
Windows appears to prefer invent their own standards rather than care
about what posix world does)

python2/python3 has similar issue:


Natanael Copa