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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

One thing that I've added locally is C-k to restart lua with the current buffer (instead of from the menu

("C-k" . lua-restart-with-whole-file)

e.g. (this might be older version that what's in the github)

(defvar lua-prefix-mode-map
    (let ((result-map (make-sparse-keymap)))
      (mapc (lambda (key_defn)
(define-key result-map (read-kbd-macro (car key_defn)) (cdr key_defn)))
            '(("C-l" . lua-send-buffer)
	      ("C-k" . lua-restart-with-whole-file)
              ("C-f" . lua-search-documentation)
              ("C-;" . lua-mark-all-multiline-literals)))
  "Keymap that is used to define keys accessible by `lua-prefix-key'.

If the latter is nil, the keymap translates into `lua-mode-map' verbatim.")

On 11/7/2011 3:01 AM, immerrr again... wrote:
I am happy to announce the release of lua-mode release 20111107,
Emacs major mode for editing Lua files.

It's been a while since the last release, though if you were looking to
commit history time to time, you could see that things gradually change
to better :)

Here's a shortlist of recent changes:

* lua-mode site now lives on github hosting and has changed the address

* multiline literals are now recognized automatically (after
lua-automark-multiline-interval seconds of idle time)

* multiline string literal contents may optionally be indented (if
lua-indent-string-contents is non-nil)

* lua abbrevs are explicitly marked as "system" (don't require saving
into abbrev file now)

* major revisit of lua indentation engine (by Vedat Hallac) that fixes a
lot of issues including but not limited to:
* condition expressions in conditional/loop operators
* indenting & especially unindenting of matching block-closing tokens

* minor issue fixes & clean-ups

Get it from