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Can you encoded it/decode it as NaN (0/0)?

Not perfect but gets you there.

Here is how to create NaN value in lua - simply
nan_value = 0/0

On 11/10/2011 12:40 AM, HyperHacker wrote:
I'm using lsqlite3 with prepared statements like (simplified example):

local stmt = db:prepare("INSERT INTO items (x, y, z) VALUES (?, ?, ?)")
stmt:bind_values(a, b, c)

The problem is if, for example, a is nil and x is a numeric, nullable
type such as INTEGER, x ends up being not null but zero. Seemingly the
only way to actually insert null is to explicitly specify it in the
query, instead of as a parameter, which kinda defeats the purpose of
parameters. Is there some workaround?