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I just found another detail to add to the excelent discussion in:

As reported earlier on the list I had problems with loading "mime.core" and
"socket.core", while loading them individually worked without problems.[1]

The explanation can prominently be found in the Microsoft documentation [2] for
the Windows CE/Windows Mobile API:

"..Two different modules cannot have the same file name, even if the extensions are different. These effectively have the same module name. For example, if
   LoadLibrary is made on Sample.cpl, the operating system will not load
   Sample.cpl, but instead will again load Sample.dll. .."

My current solution modifies "findfile()" in loadlib.c by giving it a third
parameter "namesep", which is used to replace dots (".") in module names before
handing it over to the path template.
When searching plain Lua modules (LUA_PATH_DEFAULT), "namesep" is  set to
"LUA_DIRSEP" just as usual. However When searching C modules (LUA_CPATH_DEFAULT) the preprocessor macro LUA_CNAMESEP (invented by me) is used as "namesep". I set this to the underscore character ("_") which gives me the clearly distinct module
filenames mime_core.dll and socket_core.dll.

A similar approach is used by Microsoft for their .Net Compact Framework (_ instead
of separate directories for .Net .dll's in the GAC).

This approach would also help with (while not resolve) some of the issues discussed
on the LoadLibrary Wiki page.