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> On the contrary, my point is precisely that all the new good habits of
> avoiding pollution of the global namespace is undermined by the Lua5.2
> interpreter itself.
> The present behaviour is this:
> ~~~~ mymod.lua
> return 42
> ~~~~
>     $ lua5.1 -l mymod -e "print(mymod)"
> nil
>     $ lua5.2 -l mymod -e "print(mymod)"
> 42
> I.e. the global name is not created by the module, but by the Lua5.2
> standalone interpreter.

Option '-l' would be essentially useless if it did not create the
global. It is intended to be used in interative mode and with the -e

  $ lua5.2 -l mymod -e "print("

Not polluting the global namespace does not mean a complete prohibition
of ever creating a global.

-- Roberto