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On 30 October 2011 12:01, David Hollander <> wrote:
> What type of media are you streaming? If it's audio and not video, I
> have audio streaming working with OpenAL and the LuaJIT FFI
> (generating sine waves and passing through filters), as no callbacks
> are needed for that API. The FFI headers are attached.
> - David Hollander

I ended up made nice lua based ffi bindings:

Root project:

Open AL component:

FFmpeg component:

You can run `luajit test.lua` to try it out.
Each component also has it's own tests, but they require ffi_utils and
general.lua out of the lomp2 project
BUT, ffmpeg turns out to not be a very nice library to use: I've
decided to only use it as a backup: creating bindings for each codec I
want to use.