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A new patch file for Lua 5.1.4 is available at

It combines all patches listed at

Apply this patch to a pristine copy of Lua 5.1.4 with:
	tar zxf lua-5.1.4.tar.gz
	cd lua-5.1.4/src
	patch < patch-lua-5.1.4-4

Use curl -O -R if you don't have wget (e.g., in Mac OS X).

This patch is identified by the data below:
	# patch-lua-5.1.4-4 created 2011-10-29T14:56:19-0200
	 md5: 329d8695e3e6f1267190e220559f7b6c  -
	sha1: ddb21425ee0a7d8882efc3fb6b105132bc9f6224  -

All feedback welcome.