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I don't like autohell, but I have learned that when working with projects based on autotools, don't try to fight back... Autotool-build the libraries that the autotool'ed project depends on also.

I had success with using;a=tree I recently noticed;a=tree;f=patches/lua-5.1.4;hb=HEAD , but I have not tried it.

I think it would be good if and files were maintained in the distribution. A basic, readable makefile that you patch to your need is still good to offer. But automatic adapting to different platforms are far better handled by autotools or Cmake.


Den 2011-10-27 14:40, skrev Christian Liesch:

Is there any reason why lua do not use a configure script generated by autoconf/automake?

For example to use the solaris compiler I do have to patch the Makefile in the src directory, with a correct configuration script this would not be neccessary :)

Best regards