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my problem is this:

I have a logical _expression_ that is evaluated in lua where some of the parameters are c calls.
I wanted to make this faster by collecting all c calls into one call (thus just moving between lua and c once) made before the _expression_ is evaluated
This however did not give any performance increase as I now could not utilize the short evaluation of logical expressions in lua
Therefore I would somehow like to transfer the evaluation entirely to the c side to gain both benefits (single call and short evaluation)
This is easier said than done since the logical _expression_ is dynamically created at runtime in lua by the use of loadstring (done before any performance critical sections)

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 5:27 PM, Florian Weimer <> wrote:
* Oskar Forsslund:

> not exactly. that function represents the logical _expression_ I want to
> evaluate and I want to evaluate it purely in C

Can you link your program against the Lua library?