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On 19/10/2011 14:31, Patrick Mc(avery wrote:
if savings CPU cycles did not save Forth,
then in the long run it might not save Lua.

Speed of Lua is a selling point, and an important one. If you try and code games in Lua with Löve or similar framework, you don't want to get a job done in 200 ms instead of 50 because, precisely, it is visible on screen. Just look at some JavaScript+canvas games, with visible pauses while the garbage collector is working... Even more on ARM processors on phones, as Steve said.

But Lua has more to offer than CPU cycles. It has the friendly syntax (like Steve, I disagree with the "Python is easier to learn than Lua" sentence: surface Lua is at least as easy, and deep knowledge is probably harder in Python (bigger API to master!), the ease to embed/extend, and some advantages.

Forth hasn't the friendly syntax / programming paradigm (unless you love stacks!).

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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