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Hi !

One question. I need to set up client-server kind of communication framework on local pc.
Client will create server (start new process) by itself.

Presumably server side will have C/C++ implementation and most probably Lua wrappers as well.

Can you recommend me some existing Lua library for simple IPC communication (With no *GPL* like

Preferably that it would use shared memory windows: CreateFileMapping, linux: shmmap as communication
channel (+ mutex'es / semaphores). (Local tcp/ip sockets also possible, but I suspect
that shared memory would be simpler to set up)
(Or may be other mechanims?)

Has anyone ever tried to serialize full lua stack and return lua stack from remote process -
would it be difficult to achieve ?

Is it also possible to reflect all external Lua interfaces automatically to client's lua process ?
Have a nice day!